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If your fingers can do this, does it automatically mean you have Elhers Danlos Syndrome, or could you just be double jointed?

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    It doesn't mean you automatically have it, although you should be checked.

    I have a cousin who has it. Once, she dislocated her shoulder, rather easily,

    and it had to be popped back into place by a doctor. When my son was born,

    the doctor suspected that my son might have it, because he was so 'soft', but

    it was determined he didn't have a full fledged case.

  • 12 months ago

    There are more causes on hyperflexiibility than just EDS.

  • 12 months ago

    I think that’s being double jointed. Elhers is loose skin.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    I've been able to do that all my life and no one ever said I had anything wrong. And I'm 72. So I wouldn't worry about it. Lol

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