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Has ANYONE experienced THIS???

I just turned 17 and I had close friends until a few months ago. For the past couple of months, my friends constantly isolate me, they get up and leave whenever I sit next to them and go over to another class when I'm around. I heard them whisper to eachother asking why anyone would ever want to invite me to a party, and they just wished I was never there. They called me over but locked me out and laughed at me. My other friends say no-one would ever like me and ppl are only my friend out of pity. They cropped me out of all their photos, deleted me on social media and blocked me on everything. I'd sit all alone in class for 3/4 months and for the past month, everything started to feel numb and empty. I don't know what triggered this feeling, I just want to feel normal! What's wrong with me? What should I do??

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    they re not your friends. u should stop trying to approach them. i have never experienced this, but if i ever did i would be very worried and upset - they re isolating and ignoring u. definitely not what friends would do. children can be so cruel sometimes. if your school has a psychologist i suggest u contact him/her and tell exactly what u wrote here. she/he will be more experienced with how to deal with teenagers and their snub behaviour.

  • Alan H
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    They are NOT friends. But, do look at your own behaviour

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    Approach the nicest one and ask what started this. It must be something you are unaware of. Then you try to can fix it.

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