Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Rising Libra. Is this a good combination? Will I be a bloomer?

meaning that i will break out in mid 30s, and get a good partner.

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  • Janet
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    6 months ago
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    Good or not?

    That depends on 3 things:

    (1) HOW that Sun and Moon are aspected to (interacting with) the REST of the other 8 planets in his chart. Badly-aspected, and it tends to bring out the negative qualities of that Sign. Well-aspected, and it tends to bring out the positive qualities. So we ALWAYS look FIRST at how each planet is aspected before we even consider the Sign it is in.

    (2) All the OTHER things in the chart .... you've given us 3 things out of about 40-50 factors, so we cannot see more than 3 little pieces of the entire puzzle .. making it impossible to know what sort of "picture" all those pieces make.

    (3) All you can see in the birthchart is how the person is LIKELY to be IF they do not grow or change over time. So the person may no longer be much-influenced by those factors.

    As for getting a good partner, THAT I can give you some useful advice for. Astrology can't, since all it indicates is what goes on INSIDE of you.

    To get a good partner first we must BE a good partner. We have to like ourselves enough that we are not self-preocccupied, not touchy or hypersensitive. Until we like ourselves, we are not able to be good to others when conflicts arise (and ALL relationships end up having conflict once the honeymoon has died out).

    We have to be able to open up to our fear and pain and take responsibility for working with them. To be accountable for our emotional responses .. .which means we are not blaming others for how WE react (none of this "You hurt me"). No excusing our bad behaviors. Able to be kind and respectful to anyone EVEN when we are upset or angry.

    Everyone is flawed, including ourselves .. AND our partner. And we cannot accept our partner, flaws and all, until we accept ourselves AND take responsibility for OUR emotional reactions. And without acceptance our partner will feel unloved and become unhappy with us. We either accept or we risk losing our partner

    (note: There ARE behaviors that just are NOT acceptable .. cruelty, abuse, violence, etc ... plus those particular issues that WE just cannot seem to cope with).

    Finally, until we are comfortable with our own company, with out ability to support ourselves, and to navigate the challenges of life without leaning on someone .. until we are "whole" inside ... until then we are too needy to take it easy in a relationship. Every little thing will threaten the security of the relationship and sends us into fear .. and we start trying to force our partner to change so WE won't be afraid. The things is ... love never has any guarantee, and the only way we can survive the vulnerability of wanting/needing someone is if we KNOW that we will be okay even if the relationship falls apart.

    Lastly, no one ever ends up happy with someone long-term, than they were happy when they were previously single. And if they end up not being happy with their partner, they either leave, or they expect the partner to change (the opposite of accepting your partner), and the unhappiness causes the relationship to fall apart.

    We live in a culture that sells the concept that love will fix us and our life. Actually, only 12.5% of all married couples stay together AND create a harmonious companionable love .. and it takes them about 20 years of working on it. Love is THE hardest thing you will ever do .. but if you master it, it fills your soul with peace and comfort like nothing else.

    Good luck to you. Wish you well on this.

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  • Satan
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    6 months ago

    Eggs, flour and milk are a better combination as it helps make a cake, and who doesnt love cake?

    Well, those that don't like cake shouldnt be counted as they're probably communists or something

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