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Is there ever a good reason to hurt or kill someone's pet?

Long ago, someone had an out of control American Bully. It would bark at practically everyone, keep you awaken all night long and if it weren't for the fence, it would have biten/injure someone.

Long story short, one day my friend and I (both 12 at the time) shot it with 2 arrows, killing it.

That's the only single time we ever hurt an animal. We hated it. Other people hated it too.


Hardly anyone felt sorry when the owner cried. I sure didn't. I was happy that vicious thing was dead.

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    I would never want to hurt or kill someone's pet - but the woman who lives across the street from me was regularly letting one of her dogs outside, and it would run across the street and into my yard.

    She kept claiming 'oh, he won't hurt anyone' - but he sure AF didn't look friendly when he ran up on my wife or my 5 year old son. I chased it off a few times, took my dogs out to urinate along the property line a few times, but it would keep coming over. I threw coffee on it one morning when it came up to me as I was getting into my car (it wasn't that hot).

    I finally left a message on her door to tell her that, while I didn't want to have to get animal control involved, that she needed to start keeping the dog away from my house and family or I wouldn't have a choice. She kept it under control for a little while, but then went back to letting it run free - t came up on me again in my driveway, and I pulled out a crowbar - but she came running out to get him (I hid the crowbar behind my back).

    Finally, I got a call at work one day - my wife had been out front washing one of our dogs (a 90# white lab/pit bull mix) when the woman let her dog loose - and it came running towards our yard. She said 'f**k it', and let our dog loose. The neighbors dog took one look at him and started running the other way - just as the lady came running out to call him back - our dog wasn't having any of it - and ran up on her.

    Now, he's a really friendly dog - and wouldn't hurt anyone either (unless they were a threat), but he put the fear of god into this woman. She turned and cowered, and he stopped. She got to find out what it feels like to have a dog run up on you with no idea wtf it might do - since then we haven't had any problems.

    If it starts up again, I'm just going to call animal control and deal with it once and for all before either me or my dog have to kill hers.

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    I'd have told this to the owner or filled a complain in your council before killing the animal. The owner could have sued you, and the animal certainly wasn't guilty of having an irresponsible owner. Dogs are annoying when they bark all the time, but they don't do it to keep you awake. The owner should have put him inside home at night.

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    If a dog threatened my life, yes, that would be a good reason to kill in self defense if I had to.

    Being obnoxious by barking is not a reason to kill, it's a reason to report the neighbors for noise disturbance, as many times as it takes for them to get the situation under control.

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    NO. Just NO. And what you did was WRONG, period.

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    I had a neighbor with a pitbull, that for some stupid reason, he would leave chained outside at night. The dog would cry all night long wanting to be let in. This went on for months. One day the dog just stopped barking. It turned out that some stranger slit the throat of the dog.

    A lot of people never consider that their dogs harassing people or keeping them up at night is being a shitty neighbor. Sometimes, people will snap if they can't get a good nights sleep. I wouldn't have done it but I am glad someone else did.

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    If you don't feel bad for killing a dog then that's just the type of person you are. I would feel bad for killing it, you don't. Some people do consider pets members of the family, so killing one pointlessly is pretty god damn wrong. It's only okay to kill a pet if it is attacking someone and it's serious. By serious I mean a grown man doesn't need to kill a Chihuahua for nipping at his ankle. But if a large dog is attacking a child then it should be killed before they injury them too bad. I would say just use your moral compass.. but I'm not so sure that advice would work in your case.

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    Barking was not a good reason to kill a dog.

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    if it kept you up all night long and the owner would do nothing I dont really see another choice. Would the police get rid of a barking dog...or would they just tell the owner to keep him quiet which works for 5 minutes...The only thing is its the owner that is a pOs...and he probably did not care

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