Ferret can't walk, won't eat, when he poops, it is sticking to his butt, dragging legs?

I took my 5 month old ferret Bandit, which I got from Petco (if that makes a difference) to the vet Monday night. They diagnosed him with a GI infection and gave us some medicine that would last 3 days. It is now Thursday, and I see little to no improvement. He can barely walk, he is having trouble with his back legs, his breathing is very rapid, but then gets very slow and heavy. We are syringe feeding him, but he doesn't want to eat. He vomited twice yesterday, and his poop is sticking to his butt, and he is peeing on himself because he can't lift his back up. He is whimpering like he is in pain, and has been sleeping on ice packs and the AC has been on for days. I am taking him to the same emergency vet again, but was wondering if anyone has had the same issues, and maybe it isn't a GI infection at all? Thank you.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Apparently you didn't bother researching Petco before you purchased one of the many animals that is not treated properly while in their care? Congratulations on supporting a breeding farm.

    No, I haven't had this issue, but I wouldn't buy anything from Petco.

    I would trust your Vet's knowledge over my guess.

    • Griffin6 months agoReport

      I have gotten other ferrets from petco, with no problems whatsover. Maybe don't be an asshole when someone is asking for help.

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