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What are some movies you thought would be really good but turned out to be crap?

For me, Gamer (with Gerard Butler) was one.

BQ: a movie you thought would suck but turned out really good?

For me, The Pianist (with Adrian Brody).

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    Logan. Everyone was raving about this movie like it was the BEST Wolverine movie ***EVER***-

    I couldn't believe how dull and boring it actually was.

    Conversely, I expected absolutely nothing out of Guardians of the Galaxy. It looked really stupid......a talking armed racoon......a green alien......(heavy eye roll).........

    but then I saw it, and was really blown away by how GOOD it actually was. ! I'm a total fan now!

    Drax is a hoot!

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  • SW-6
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    6 months ago

    Thought it would be good but it turned out really bad? The Grey / Liam Neeson

    Thought it would be bad but it turned out really good? Spice World / The Spice Girls


    Source(s): The Pianist was good!!!
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  • Pete
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    6 months ago

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I've heard a lot of people rave about it, so I decided to watch it. It's just two guys on drugs mumbling to each other! I've tried to watch it twice, but both time I turned it off before the end.

    BQ: I took my kid to see Alita: Battle Angel thinking it was going to be mediocre, but it turned out to be pretty darn good!

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