How would I go about solving TEHE + AHAHA = TEHAW?

How would I go about solving this? each letter represents a digit, and E, A and W are in the ones place.

I can tell 1+A= T, which means Tand H add together to make 10+E, but it could also be 1+T+H from carry over from the 100s place, and from there it just gets more complicated from how I'm looking at this. ​

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  • 5 months ago


    E + A = W

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  • 5 months ago





    • Louis5 months agoReport

      Thank you, I'm more looking for an explanation fo the thought process into finding this.

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  • 5 months ago

    Since in the ones column, E+A = W but in hundreds, E+A = H, you know the hundreds column had a carry but the ones column didn't. So, H + H has to be at least 10 making H ≥ 5. And H would have to be 1 more than W since that column had a carried 1.

    So just plug in 5 for H and 4 for W and see if there is a contradiction (there is).

    So try 6 for H and 5 for W (again contradiction)

    and then 7 for H and 6 for W ...

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    • Louis5 months agoReport

      Would it? I don't see how it would be so simple to tell without trying out combinations. Unless that is supposed to be the first step. Without picking specific numbers my first thought in this part was "If E+A and H+H+1 carries then E+A would be 10+W and 1+E+A would be 10+H, which is 11 + W"

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