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i need help with a girl pls?

Background details:

I am an Indian Male

She is a Mexican woman

we are friends, though not in the same friend group

I met her through a frenemyish person(long story)

Wh had Geometry together last year, chemistry this year

I am ugly

She is a god

We text sometimes

idk how to talk to her in person without getting a brain fart

pls help

I will give you 14 muffins if you give me a good answer


edit 1: i'm in highschool. but ig you already guessed that from the context. so this edit was pointless...

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    No Matter Where You Go or What You Do... I PROMISE YOU, there will be People OR a Girl that intimidates you.

    You have a VERY GOOD QUESTION (the same one ALL of us have)

    Handsome, Beautiful or Butt Ugly, We ALL FOCUS on our WEAKNESSES and FLAWS (yes... she has them too).

    First of all...

    Stepping up is completely up to you. All the advice and information we give you is worthless if you are too scared to try it or to use it. It will ALWAYS be OK to be afraid. It is NOT ok to let your Fears Control You.

    You're wasting your time, if you are okay with being a "Scaredy-Cat Chicken.

    What is really going to SUCK for you,

    is when you see her with someone else and it could have been you.


    You Think It's a Weakness, It's actually in your FAVOR.

    "FLIRTING" is The most effective "NON" Verbal & Attention getting form of Communication. When you are Nervous, Scared, Inexperienced or just need a way to get someone away from a crowd or group of friends or Make Contact from a

    Distance. FLIRT !!!

    Let the person you are INTERESTED IN, See You Looking at Them.

    Not Stare… Look.

    "SHY" is in your Favor because you can BLUSH real easy, without trying.

    "BLUSHING" is in your favor, because it will MAKE Her wonder if,

    it's because of her, that YOU ARE Blushing.

    She will start thinking of YOU. (Wondering)

    When she looks again… whisper "Hi" to her.

    She will know it’s her, you're looking at.

    When she looks again… make your hand like a telephone

    and whisper "CALL ME".

    She don't have your number, but YOU HAVE

    Her ATTENTION and maybe INTEREST.

    THE ICE IS BROKEN. She knows you exist and she knows you like her.

    From now on every time you see Her, Smile at Her.

    Once in awhile say "Hi".

    Once in awhile Compliment her on something of her’s.

    (hat, hair, eyes, jacket, shoes, smile or giggle)

    "NERVOUSNESS”/“SHYNESS” is in your favor

    when you tell the other person you are Nervous.

    After you make contact, TALK to her Face to Face. NOT Social Media!!!

    Just say: "I'm kinda NERVOUS talking to you, so if I mess up,

    PLEASE, don't think I'm an idiot… okay? I'm just nervous."

    She knows what it's like to be NERVOUS,

    She will be UNDERSTANDING & NICE to you.

    After that is Spoken, neither of you will be Nervous.

    Your BIGGEST WEAKNESS has lost all of its POWER

    and IS NOW IN YOUR FAVOR, because it is also a TOPIC of CONVERSATION

    She can relate too.

    The following is information you will need one day:

    (for this girl or the next)

    These are the easiest, safest approaches I have found.

    You're welcome to try them. They usually work or at least give you a Start..

    TO GET A DATE, without having to ask: Tell her you know someone that wants to go on a date with her. She'll want to know WHO. Take her by the hand to wherever there is a reflection and standing next to her say "Him" (pointing at your reflection)----- OR

    TO GET A DATE, without having to ask:

    INVITATIONS and ASKING for a Date are the same thing, but an invitation is easier to offer, rather than ask for a date. Writing a note and handing it to her or having

    someone deliver it to her, will be okay. Most invitations are in WRITTEN FORM.

    (add ph# so now She has it)

    Texting an Invitation will also be Okay, after you get her number.

    Tell her where you will be on a certain day and at a certain time.

    Let her know she is welcome to join you if she has time.

    EXAMPLE: "I'm going for ice cream after school/work at (location),

    you can join me if you're not busy... My Treat."


    It was just an invitation, NO BIG DEAL.


    Make a wager (bet) with the person you want to spend time with.

    Lose that bet to them INTENTIONALLY.

    The wager should be something that puts you together alone and

    away from everyone you know.

    Make the wager something you can afford and non threatening

    or too suggestive.

    (an ice cream cone, a milkshake, a coffee, even washing a car)

    EXAMPLE: "I'll bet you an ICE CREAM SUNDAE, I can say

    the alphabet backwards faster than you."

    Then LOSE the bet and take her for an Ice Cream Sundae.

    (Enjoy Your Date)


    (you DO NOT have to be on a date, you just have to be near her)

    When you have been with her for awhile and are side by side (walking, standing or sitting) gently take her hand and Say: "Can I borrow this for a little bit? I Promise to take care of it and return it in awhile" She will smile and probably be Impressed and Flattered. If she flinches and pulls away, chances are it’s a REACTION,

    NOT REJECTION. Smile and give her something of yours as deposit/collateral and Let her know you want it back when you return her, her hand.


    Ask her if she would hold something for you and pretended you have something in your hand.

    When she agrees, PUT YOUR HAND IN HERS to hold.

    TO GET A QUICK KISS. As long as she is enjoying herself with you. In the middle of a conversation, Smile and say: "Close your eyes, you have something close to them". When she does, Touch your lips to hers. Not really a kiss, but it breaks the ice. Then tell her: "Oh it was just me. You have soft lips, I like that". Keep smiling.

    Ask her what yours felt like, before she says anything. But keep smiling.

    If you have experience kissing, then YOU SHOULD KNOW,

    there is ALWAYS 3 kisses involved.

    ONE: The way SHE kisses You.

    TWO: The way YOU kiss Her.

    THREE: The way you both ,kiss Each Other. (making it YOUR kiss)

    If it scares you to take these steps, keep in mind YOU'RE SCARED ANYWAY.

    Also if some other guy gets her attention, you'll wish you had done SOMETHING.

    CONFIDENCE is not about Succeeding. It's about NOT BEING AFRAID,

    to Step Up, whether you get Accepted or Rejected.

    After you get Accepted or Rejected, YOU WILL "Quit"

    Torturing yourself with Worry, Curiosity and Desire.

    But Don't Live in FEAR of the person you Desire.

    Get Accepted or Rejected, but settle this FOR YOU.


    IF SHE SAYS: "I don't want to ruin our friendship OR I just wanna be friends”

    SMILE BIG, look her in the eye and say: "Then don't “F” this up for me."

    IF SHE SAYS: “I don’t know you well enough.” Remind her that Meeting Strangers is how New friends are made. DATES are a good way to get to know someone.”

    Or explain to her. "We can still be friends if this doesn't workout.

    Why would we HAVE TOO be enemies, just because we are not a match?"

    You don't have to be enemies.

    KEEP SMILING… She knows you’re right and You’ll look Confident to her.

    Besides… getting to know people is how FRIENDS ARE MADE.

    DATES are a good way to get to know someone.

    Train yourself to be Brave, otherwise you will miss out on

    some of the Best Girls for you.

    In order to LOSE at ANYTHING... First you HAVE TOO "TRY" to WIN.

    If you don't try, you won't be a Winner or a Loser...

    which is just another way of saying... YOU'RE NOTHING.

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    Think of questions to ask her about herself to avoid awkward silences. Think of conversation topics beforehand, and hang out in a group with her so somebody's always talking

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