Lack of Communication Part 2 go back to part 1 and 3 to get the point.?

and She would say you have no one but her to talk to and these people out don’t give a dame!!! Rather you live or die! And my brother has been around nothing but men and boys and goes out with them and they pick him up to hang out and he has never in my life had a girlfriend! And a girl that did like him once he said she was nothing but when it comes to men they are everything!!!! And he would talk down to me and my sister to our faces and be hide our backs saying we aren’t **** and more and sometime fright in front of our mother face as well and talk back to her to and talks very!!!!Badly!!!!!! About women in general!!! Saying how a women is **** and nasty and how they have nothing going for them self’s and so on. And my other brother just comes by by the house and sometimes and leave right away because he knows our brother is a manipulative person and I feel like my mother likes that in some way?

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    maybe you should talk to your brother about it and tell him how you feel

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  • My brother wants to try and argue with me from time to time for no reason at all also, when I leave the house and come back to visit it’s the same thing my mom acts like I’m not here when I’m here with my little girl and she just ignores her and me at times as well in front of my brothers and she talk to me like I don’t have common sense in front of them to and so they carry that out by trying to do the same thing my mom does as well at this point it’s probably more to say but for now this is how this situation is going on.

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