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A,girl I met online told me she was a part of a sham marriage, how to know if I can trust her?

A girl I met online and I are getting really serious we've spoken on the phone exchanged photos but I found out she was married she told me the marriage was to get a residence permit in Ukraine. she told me that this was to avoid prison or going back to her war torn nation. She's never asked me for money, or gifts she genuinely wants a relationship with me, should I trust her?

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    Honestly, while trusting her shouldn't matter at this stage of your guys' partnership, I would. She could have lied about her marriage, she could have asked you for gifts, she could have asked you for money, but she didn't. From my perspective, it seems she's done nothing that could be considered using you, so she hasn't shown that she's untrustworthy. I'd believe her bro.

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