Male entertainer ?

So basically I wanna be a male entertainer “stripper”

I have a nice body I workout everyday 2/3 hours a day I look good not trying to sound conceited I know I’m not ugly because I get both women and males gay guys who hit on me so there’s that . I know how to dance but never gave it a try I just turned 21 and heard they make good money how much exactly do they make or atleast how much do shirtless male servers make at a women’s club make ? I would start off as a server and see what happens from their can someone with experience please tell me

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  • 12 months ago

    There is no point in starting off as a server.

    I was a stripper, although I am a female and it's much easier to find clubs to work at since most strip clubs are marketed for male clientele and have only female dancers. One of the clubs I worked at had "all male review" nights on every first Sunday of the month. So we strippers who worked there could not work on that particular day. The VIP hosts were male, so they could work on that night.

    It was NOT a gay bar type of atmosphere on those nights. The clientele was made up entirely of women, most of them older cougars who have rich husbands who they don't get much attention from. They go crazy over the male strippers and have plenty of money to play around with. The men made a lot of money.

    My all time average was probably about $600, this is including slower shifts. I've had plenty of nights where I made over 1K, and even a few over 2K. You can also find "regulars" who will give you money just for companionship.

    Source(s): Stripper for 8 years, paid for 4 years of college and a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Stay away from women!

    They are terrible tippers, and all they want to do is giggle and take selfies.

    Steer toward older gay men. They are wealthy and generous and will set you up for life.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Google “ stock bar montreal” and look at the site. Their dancers charge $20 a song for a lap dance. I don’t know what they make for everything else that goes on there. But yeah - try all male revue clubs. Try gay bars.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    There are no women's clubs with naked men lol. Try the gay bar.

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