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There’s a saint who’s asked to be married to this Roman soldier, she respectfully declined saying, “my heart remains to the Lord” who is she?

There’s this saint I read about in a book where she wanted to live a life of chastity so when she was forcefully asked to be married to a Roman soldier, she declined. Of course that wasn’t a option back then, you simply have that right, the soldier and brought his brother to try and physically convince her. She was able to withstand them and I don’t remember what she did but what I strictly remember is when she died her body never decomposed. Which saint is this??? It’s definitely driving me mad. Help

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    St. Agnes. But I don't think her body held up.

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    Saint Anthony is the finder of lost items. It is good to have true devotion to him. He can help one to find many things!

  • I have seen that you read too many comics of novels, try to believe in reality, the word Santi, in sacred writing, means to separate oneself from evil, and to do good.

    Therefore, if a saint, a saint, does not want to marry, he can stay in his diction, however, he must give up sex, even if it is occasional, otherwise it will be in sin, and his holiness will be good for hell!

    Hebrews 12: 14-16.

    Commit yourselves to seeking peace with all and sanctification without which no one will see the Lord; 15 making sure that no one is deprived of God's grace; that no poisonous root comes out to bother you and many of you are infected; 16 that no one is fornicator, or profane.

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    I think you might be referring to St Agnes, although as far as I know she is not one of the saints whose body remained incorrupt after death.

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    Google it. It's definitely NOT in the Bible

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