On centrelink but have started a relationship with my housemate?

Im on parenting payment single. I ve recently started a relationship with my housemate/close friend. He let me and my child move in when I was struggling to make ends meet during my divorce the end of last year (I ve been separated from my ex for well over 2 years now) and he had the space after his old housemates moved out... I need to report it, but obviously it looks sus. I also read online that any relationship where you call yourself partnered is considered defacto no matter the time you ve lived as a couple. We only recently started dating, I know my payments will decline. We have separate rooms but I ve started sleeping in his room.... what do I tell them?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    I'm not sure what country or what jurisdiction you're in, but depending on which one it doesn't matter if you got a romantic relationship with someone going, just having a roommate is enough to reduce your payments. Find out if that's the case in your location or not. If it's actually dependent on romantic relationships, then obviously deny having a romantic relationship, and maintain the separate bedrooms just in case inspectors come to inspect. But if it is any roommate at all, then you got no choice but to report it.

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