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Im going crazy and suicidal please help me?

Hi Im a 23 year old korean with no friends and single who s sucidal who also has worser and weaker mentality than Thor from Endgame. Im not fat or mentality handicap but I have no college degree bad at korean not good at anything and extremely socially awkward. I get stress way too easily and my future is going to be extremely hard cuz I got nothing.If people treat the wrong whether personally or lightly my mind takes it as the greatest offense I want to start hurting myself. All I got is a hardworking but poor family who are also dealing with their problems. i know compare to other people Im mentally most weak and fked up that I desire to be normal even more but get depressed about it when I realize it might be impossible. Sometimes I feel nasuea and experience minor but slowly getting worse panicattacks and I seem to be losing more and more control my mind and it s harder than I realize to just change my perspective. I have blockage socially mentally and cognitively. Dont have some illness or anything which is even worst cuz I dont know what to do.I want to get better for my family and for my future but after 5 therapy and prospect of the future and just cuz its painful and waaaaay too hard my weak heart is losing and I feel hopeless. Considering my situation is really possible for a guy like me to get better? Every gotbetter stories all revolve around people whose mentally were more stable to begin with isit possible for someone who isnt stable to get better? Pls help me

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    hey I know so many people who pulled themselves out of depression and anxiety so yes you can too and you will get better. the thing about life is if u keep looking for happiness you never find it. I myself sometimes hate the concept of life but You can make yourself understand that it’s not gonna be this way forever. U should do something about your education. Go to college. Get a degree. Education is so important bruh. Inorder to get better you’ll have to work to get better. and once you’re done with your education. things will start to fall back into

    Place. You’ll find friends, a job, money and life will be better. You just need some motivation bro you can do this. I spent two years at a place without friends but then I got out fo that place. Things don’t stay the same forever. remember that. And only u can change that.

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    I care. im sorry... God is testing you to care. to want the best for everyones soul love god and love good peopel when its hard. If I cna help send me a mesage my kik is gerberstuffbabies my email or usa my text now number is 717 516 0310 and my facebook is camaro elfyboy with a pink sword art online anime picture. Depresion is a disease and u must fight back. I've been thru this, know many friends who are working thru it with my help. u must see thru this illusion . If I didn't care I wouldnt bother replying . Therfore I do care . Therfore i want u to reply. For me accepting that god loves me and wants the best for me and pushing away/blocking negative thoughts and feelings helps alot. Create a rubber band like forcefield within the center of ur mind and use it to push slowly but forcefully all the negativity out of ur mind. Pull urself within this rubber band force field and use it to create some space inside that u can have hope and faith that god will make right all wrongs if u can. Another trick is to put things in perspective. To see the world and ur life as a short temporary schooling for ur soul where u whould try to learn what u cna when u are here cause afterwards is an eternity of perfect bliss and good things. if u cna do it right it often will make u feel ur negativity melt away. All pain and suffering will be reimbursed he told me and it will not be a 1 to 1 ratio but 100 to 1. some pain types differ like oppression which is even more so. So do not allow the sadness to win.

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    Live one day at a time.

    Set goals for yourself that you can easily achieve in a few days.

    Your depression could also be due to disturbance in the family.

    Try to find out things that make you happy.

    Try not to think too much about what you can't do, think more about what you can do... However little it is.


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    Go through an entire day where you actively say in your head what your doing. Don’t worry if your thoughts drift off, just when you notice them drift go back to saying what your doing and feeling. It should sound like this. “I’m washing the dishes, this plate is cold, I’m putting the dishes away, now I’m walking to the next room and sitting, this seat is soft...” it’s going to sound silly right now but all you’ve been doing is thinking about the past and the future only. That’s going to make you depressed. Just take one day... not two, not 5, just one day where you focus on today. It’ll help you reset so the next day you’ll actually feel rested.

    You’re body must feel like it’s in overdrive with so much worry, allow a rest day and a lot of that fear and worry should lessen so you can think a little clearer.

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    go places and do things

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