When I go out of town I get migraines and severe nausea?!?

Every time I go out of town I get a migraine and nausea. It is agonizing because I go out of town a lot to go have fun and visit friends and family in different cities. But I end up spending the entire time in misery. If it wasn’t for the nausea, light sensitivity and pain I would be having a great time. I don’t understand this. My doctor agrees that it has to be anxiety related but this is ridiculous! I love to travel and now I am becoming afraid to go anywhere because I feel so horrible and waste my time and money traveling. It isn’t the transportation. I am fine until I get to where I am going. Then I am miserable until a day or two after I get back home. Medicine doesn’t really seem to help. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

1 Answer

  • Robert
    Lv 4
    12 months ago

    You might have regional allergies, start exploring treatment with your doctor.

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