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What kind of a person is she? Selfish or was it a reasonable mistake?

She is a colleague and at work we used to talk time to time. She was nice and interesting. Last weekend she invited me and three other colleagues for drinking at a city festival. Her boyfriend(also a colleague) joined us too. We saw some other people from work and continued to drink together. The idea was I was going to stay at her place(because I live half an hour away from that city) .

She became drunk after a while and introvert. She was going for walks and coming back because she didn’t like to sit. After last walk she called her boyfriend saying she was lost and afraid. He said ‘very sorry I have to find her and come here’. I was afraid to be alone there because other colleagues were leaving and asked one colleague if I can stay at his place and stayed there. Next day she wrote me a text apologizing and saying she feels so embarrassed, she was afraid to puke and therefore she was going walks and then lost, after her boyfriend told that I was gone, she felt terrible, she does not know what can she say more than sorry and bla.

Would you continue to see her for drinks or she is just a selfish person.

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  • LP7
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    6 months ago

    Wait until you get back to work and check out her behaviour.Does she apologise again or ignores you, whatever.Wait til then and sus things out a bit more.Although I wouldn't be quick to take up another offer if she has a drinking problem.It's not your responsibility.

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  • Alan H
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    6 months ago

    Do not expect anyone to drink and think.

    Her behaviour was almost certainly alcohol fuelled

    Why do so many people need the prop of chemical comfort to face life?

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