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Does she have feelings for me?

I am really good friends with a girl from work. I think she was into me but always thought I was never really into her. She never had a relationship but a short one at a young age which was a bad experience and she didn't want any more

On one of our hangouts we ended up kissing and than dated for a while before she left to home for a month. We agreed to stay friends.

When she came back we hung out again. It was really good and she said was glad it wasn't awkward.

She seemed like she was flirting with me during the night

Later on when we were at work she would tease me and be flirty

We went out drinking with people from work (it was her farewell party because she is leaving) and everyone told me she was clearly into me. Someone even said she likes me but she denied it

She got really drunk and I took her home. On the way she brought up that we were dating so we started talking about it but she quickly said she was too drunk for this and we should stay friends, tried to go to bed but threw up. I wanted to help her but she wanted me to leave

Next morning she texted me that she was sorry of how she acted but she was drunk and embarrassed

After 3 days she texts me about an inside joke at midnight. Then she kept texting me random stuff and even flirting/teasing with me. She came to see me at work and we hung out after. Had a great time. She wanted me to stay longer after we reached her place. The when I left she told me to text her when I want to come and see her next time.

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    It sounds like she does have an attraction to you, but she may have other men 'orbiting' too. It is probably the case that she is waiting to see out of the men she is talking to, which one would be best for her while she also waits to see if someone else comes along.

    I know you probably don't want to hear that, but don't take it personally against yourself. It could also not be true - who knows? I am just stating a probable possibility. Women, especially attractive women, usually have a swarm of guys chasing her, either through text, social media or in person.

    However, while you can't control her and what she does, you can control yourself.

    If you like her, you need to step-up and be direct: make plans, be decisive, be a leader. Don't settle for friendship or she will think you are weak, gay or not interested.

    The fact she wanted you to stay longer is a clear sign she likes you. Women make it easy for you when they like you.

    The next time you see her, ask her out and make definite plans. That means the two of you are aware of the time, place and day that you are to meet. Preferably in the evening, over drinks.

    Not cinema (at the cinema yo can't properly engage while the film is on). Have a fun time, laugh together, flirt, tease her playfully, and generally, just enjoy the moment. Then, go back to her place, and if the signs are good, esculate the kissing and touching, up to having sex.

    Safe sex, hopefully.

    Then, DO NOT talk about 'where this is going...' or 'does this mean we're together now...'.

    This will turn her off. Let her start those conversations, while you continue what it is you're doing with life, and she be will drawn to you.

    Phone her when she gets in touch (she will probably text you) if you don't see her at work, or out socially anymore. Make the next definite date for the following weekend (or at least 5-7 days after your prior date), rinse and repeat this process until the two of you are basically together all the time.

    Avoid texting her, it's only going to work agaisnt you.

    Agree to meet, hang out, enjoy each other's company and finish your dates with sex. If she doesn't want to have sex, respect it, hang back, enjoy talking instead and either she'll open back up or you show her how cool you are (and not desperate) when you show her how you don't care if you don't get laid.

    I hope that helps! If you're interested, visit: and feel free to get in touch!

    Good luck my man.


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  • Alan H
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    5 months ago

    She certainly has.

    But be cautious about that alcohol intake

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