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Dream Interpretation: moving Bricks & the time 11:11?

Would anyone know what this dream means?

I dreamt of seeing a lot of people outside during the day moving a lot of Bricks individually in a co-ordinated system. I was then shown the time of 11:11 on a Digital Clock. And then holding a Letter that had printed writing on it, but it was blurred out. The last part of the Dream was then seeing me alone with my Boss & handing him this same Letter that I had before. And then being very happy with my decision afterwards. And he wasn’t that thrilled...

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    An 11:11 dream has multiple meanings on multiple levels & could be interpreted on all three of these levels below.

    1. Your personal highly specialized giftedness

    2. Meeting your Twin FLAME which is a higher purpose relationship beyond soulmates.

    3. A gift that you possess but it's not refined at this time.

    Number 1 option, seeing these bricks is obvious that your seeing deeper into society, it could represent narcissists, even though they’re building bc that's in your dream & you didn't like their motive, bc their hearts are like stone.

    Number 2 option, even if your in a relationship, it’s possible you might meet or learn who your twin flame is. I hear this will radically change your life.

    Number 3 option means your emotions are under control which is very important bc you have been given a letter, an option or a command, however you could have been careless even though you were happy to share it, meaning that you need to learn how to add more wisdom to your abilities & gifts.

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      Thank you for your answer!

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    There are many Christians that are seeing 11:11 very often, me included.

    So I did research on the 11:11 and like one voice the answers came back one and the same.

    10 is God's number of completion - the work is done

    11 is God's number for judgment - all sin and sinners are judged and destroyed

    11:11 is being shown to people as a sign that the sins of this nation have become so grievous that there will be a double portion of the judgment. This is according to the prophet Jeremiah:

    Jeremiah 16:18 I will repay them double for their wickedness and their sin, because they have defiled my land with the lifeless forms of their vile images and have filled my inheritance with their detestable idols.”

    In other words, the Lord is showing the 11:11 to people everywhere to alert them that the time of grace is almost over, and the sin is worse than it was in Sodom and Gomorrah so the judgment will be a double portion.

    If you read the Bible and study Sodom and Gomorrah, or Noah's flood, you can perhaps imagine the horror that is coming our way. As it was in those days, it came suddenly and nobody was expecting it, and it was horrific and destroyed everything. Other than Noah and Lot nobody knew it was coming, and they were righteous people close to the Lord. And so it will happen again. Only those close to the Lord are aware it is coming.

    My hope and prayer is that you will take this 11:11 dream and make sure to repent of your sins, make sure you walk in His ways and avoid sin like the ebola virus. Do everything you to be counted worthy to escape all that is going to happen.

    Please see below the post of another brother in Christ on 11:11, like there are many others like that:

    On July 21st, 2018, I had a dream vision. In big, bold, black letters I saw:


    The LORD has shown me 11:11 many, many times over the last 4 years. The number ’11’ means ‘judgment, so, 11:11 means:


    Then I woke up and heard these words,

    “You will be okay if you keep your eyes focused on ME.”

    Then, in my mind’s eye, I saw Apostle Peter walking on the water. He was focusing intently on the LORD JESUS who was not that far away. However, once Peter took his eyes off of JESUS, I saw him starting to sink slowly. This is such a great reminder from the HOLY SPIRIT from Matthew 14, about how important it is to keep our minds, thoughts and focus on the LORD. When we do this, we can do supernatural exploits for the glory of GOD, and not sink back into the circumstances of life.

    Later that morning, I was very busy, so I hadn’t looked at the clock since early that morning… so when I looked to see what time it was, the clock said:


    There are no coincidences with the LORD, so I knew He was giving me my first confirmation.

    My second confirmation came later that day in a very strange way. I actually felt and saw what seemed to be an earthquake. It was a very strange occurrence, much like the two earthquakes that I have experienced in the past. After this happened, I looked online to see if there had been an earthquake where I live, but there was none recorded.

    At first, I was a bit confused because I knew what I had felt and seen. I then realized that maybe what I had just experienced was a SIGN of the warning of what is to come. This was the LORD giving me a tangible warning through an open vision.

    I was then reminded of the message HE had given me for the church on July 18th:

    ‘a shaking, shaking, shaking is coming.’

    I then heard, “It is a judgment coming on the sleeping church to wake them up from their slumber.”

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