Does anyone need a writer? Of course you can revise it however?

Honey you’re beautiful.

Thanks mah,

Why don’t you tell that to the boys who can’t be men.

Or to the cuts that are embroidering my skin?

Here have a pen,

Connect the cuts and see if it makes a pretty little picture.

But before you start,

Pour yourself another cup of liquor.

Cause you’re bound to fall apart.

Every now and then,

You’ll uncover tragic stories.

But please don’t bore me,

With your pitiful criticizable lectures.

That’ll just bring flash back memory projectors.

Cause i’ll mess you up,

Worse then before!

And you remember the time you called me a whore?

I do,

It tore me up until there was no more.

But before,

I was perfectly fine.

Until you made me collapse,

Like the block 7 of Lotus Riverside back in 2009.

I’m trying to now improvise,

Words for my filthy worded lines.

And the gaps I’ve picked up along the way.

But it’s kind of hard,

And I don’t know how.

I can only visualize.

And you,

Just stop.

Don’t you try to sympathize,

With your false sympathy.

Yeah I’m calling you out.

And for every time that you doubt,

I’m gonna be forced to shout.

You’ll definitely hear me then.

No more selective hearing,

Cause I’m only goin to say it once.

So you better be listening.

And when I’m done with what i have to say,

There better be none of your rhetorical,

But to you it’s non-rhetorical questioning.

I’m sorry I’m a failure to you,

But i’m not like you,

And I will never be,

Cause I’m my own person.

I’m me!

So if you can’t accept that,

Then just get out of my face.

I’m done.

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  • 1 year ago

    And they won't let us move this. Unbelievable.

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