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Generally Which Is Better And Why ? Canon Or Panasonic Camcorders For Personal Use?

When It Comes To Better Video Quality - Better Colors - ............ ETC !

Zoom Is Not That Important To Me

Little Zoom Will Do The Job

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  • John P
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    10 months ago

    Both are good brands. I have, some years ago, used 3 different Panasonics and 1 Canon professionally, and all have given good service.

  • lare
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    11 months ago

    Canon tape based consumer camcorders were designed and made by Sony (this is true of a number of other brands as well). most single chip digital camcorders have nearly identical characteristics. if you want better, then there were a few prosumer 2 and 3 chip digital cameras made but you would have to hunt them down used. the main difference is the encoding scheme and lens quality. MPEG2 encoding is available on some Canon HD units and AVCHD on Panasonic consumer gear. the real question is not resolution (they are identical) or color depth (both a 411) but ability to handle image motion. AVCHD has a fixed group of frames of 8 which means there is only 4 unique frames taken per second, everything else is extrapolated on playback. MPEG2 has a variable GOF to adjust to motion requirements. And both Pana and Canon made both good and lousy cameras, so it depends on the specific models you compare.

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  • 11 months ago

    You ll need a good eye to tell the difference - and maybe not even then! I use Canon, but that s because I m used to the way the controls are set out.

  • 11 months ago

    Canon provides the best value in this category.

    Video quality will be almost identical regardless of the brand.

    There may be differences in colour, but there shouldn't be,

    especially if you correctly set the white balance.

    Panasonic is certainly good ---

    almost everything that company has ever made has been at least decent.

  • 11 months ago

    Canon all the way. The Vixia line is a very good camera for not much money. Many of them also have a mic jack even on the under $500 cameras which no one else has.

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