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How come people think that an autistic man is immature and a pervert if he talks to 12 year olds and wears women jeans and clothing?

So I don't get it but people think that I am perverted and a pedophile just cause I talk to a 12 year old and wear women jeans. The reason why I talk to my 12 year old friend nathan is cause I don't have anyone else to talk to all thanks to andy and the reason why I wear women jeans cause it is comfortable and it is better fitting and makes my legs and butt look good. Nathan knows part of my crossdressing cause I told him that I do cosplaying as a chinese girl. I used cosplaying as a cover for my crossdressing and nathan actually thinks its cool. I'm gonna see him in about 2 months and this time I am going to wear the new jeans that I bought. The brand is called YMI and it is a high rise flare jeans with a butt lift. I love the jeans and they are more comfortable than mens so I'm gonna start wearing them. My therapist encourages me to dress in a way to make myself more happier so that's what I'm doing by wearing women jeans. Andy also thinks it is immature cause I keep all of the door bell recordings of the cops coming and complaining about me. I find thrills out of doing these things and so I keep these videos so that I can look back at and laugh. Andy thinks my jeans from the YMI brand are trashy. I don't get andy and his way of thinking. How come people think I'm a pervert for talking to nathan and wearing women jeans ?? How is it immature to keep the recordings ?? How come he thinks that these jeans are trashy and make me look like a hooker ??

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    cause theyre judging you when they shouldnt be

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      I know ! they are so mean and a bunch of idiots !!

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