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How can I avoid my child from getting bullied?

She is starting public school for the 9th grade and will no longer be homeschooled. I'm afraid of her being bullied because she is an introvert, has braces, needs a breast reduction, wears glasses, blue-eyed brunette never has acne, and is chubby. What can I do to prevent her from getting bullied?

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    what is wrong with you, what makes you think she will get bullied, why the hell do you think she needs a frigging breast reduction ? are you jealous your daughter has bigger breast/asset than you? You sound kinda stupid, this will be a baby has a baby adage. also considering i wear glasses and i so wish i wear braces because my teeth isn't the straightest , and i actually transfered to my highschool in middle of sophomore year and got to make friends as a the new girl in school and no one bullied me . not even once. I don't understand your point. My guess is you were probably bullied at some point in your highschool days and because of that homeschooled your daughter which developed her "introvertness" even more and now that you finally decide to let her experience going to normal highschool you are assuming things and assuming that her breast is too big and will get her bullied . you make me laugh. There's nothing wrong with being an introvert, i'm one myself i like me my alone time but that doesn't mean i can't interact when it's neccessary. it's your daughters first experience in a highschool or school environment encourage her and boost her confidence in her self , try to help her feel comfortable , don't try to find faults and reasons why she will get bullied. I can imagine you actually tell her of how her breast is too big and she needs is reduced and how she will get bullied because of her glasses and braces and that ain't right.

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    She doesn't sound like she will get bullied, you just sound paranoid.

    And she doesn't need a breast reduction if she isn't in pain.

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    you can punished them. you should take them outside the home most of time. take them in the charch . God will bless him.

  • 11 months ago

    I think you're trolling, but in any case you can't use the word 'avoid' like that. You mean 'prevent'.

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  • Helen
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    11 months ago

    Self defense/karate lessons.

  • JonZ
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    11 months ago

    You've created an overly sensitive, awkward child with your home-schooling. Now she has to learn how to socialize. Convince her to join extracurricular activities and clubs that will get her involved with other people.

  • 11 months ago

    Yeah she has to make friends in order to prevent that

  • Protect your kid in the whole class.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago


    Why would she need a reduction

    She sounds not ugly

    Why are you scared

    This are the world

    Teach her to be strong.

    Or speak to the manager like Karen did.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    make a lot of friends. Kids tend to bully loners (introvert) because they have no support from other kids.

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