What do jobs do with your SSN on an application form after the background check? Do they toss it, shrewd it, or what?

I applied for a job a long time ago and put my SSN on the application form. I was wondering what do they do with that form when they have no use for it. Do they shrewd it or just throw it into the garbage

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  • 1 year ago
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    They are SUPPOSED to shred it. Let me tell you a story. I used to work for a major telecommunications company. To give you some idea I just received a pension fund statement that says they have $3Trillion in assets set aside for future pensions. In 1998 they send an entire payroll printout out the door and into the dumpster intact. 450 people that I know of had credit accounts set up in their names at various towns within 50 miles of where the dumpster was located. $8,000 worth of stuff was charged in my name within 3 days. It took me 6 months to clear it up and it only took that little time because of all the similar claims. The company I worked for is still paying for continuous credit monitoring. If a huge company like that can screw up that badly the odds are many others do also.

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