Are there any good gay conversion camps in Texas?

My 13 year old son told me he is a homosexual. I know this is a product of there being so much exposure and propaganda saying that this is normal, because he is only 13! How can a boy that young be aware of sexuality let alone think they are gay. I know that he can get set on the right path again but I just need to know if anyone has used their church or conversaion centres in the area who could recommend them. I haven't told my husband - we are very religious and I am hoping I can manage this without his involvement, and tell him when it's over. No judgement please. God bess you all


Thank you. Some thoughtful responses. And others from trolls. After reading your answers I have decided not to pursue this in the hope that we can work together as a family. My husband will be difficult and although I am struggling, I think it’s best for our son if we love him and try and understand what is happening. 

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    I was first aware of my sexual feelings when I was eleven and I don't think I'm unusual. I too am religious. I committed to Christ on 23rd October 1985. Homosexual expression of sexual love is not sinful. If you've managed to draw that conclusion, I suggest you pray about the matter and listen to God about it. We both know what the Bible says of course, and the Bible also says pi=3. If you don't accept that's true, why accept the absurdity of the idea that homosexual sex is sinful?

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    Sadly it’s illegal these days and reported for crime

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    I wish for him a speedy recovery and the best of luck!

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    No, Anti-gay repiartive therapy is currently illegal in Texas, as the Texas penal code describes the conduct as practicing psychology/psychiatry without a license, as well as falling under the "deadly conduct" statute. This is due to the fact that licensed providers are prohibited from engaging in repairative therapy via the rules of the APA. (meaning you won't hold a valid license for long doing this sort of thing.) While it is permissible to provide "spiritual counseling" it must not cross the line into "clinical psychology". Repairitive therapy almost always crosses the legal line.

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    Your question reeks of trolling. This is because you claim to be in Texas, yet you use the British/Canadian spelling of « centre ». Texans spell it « center ». You have been exposed!

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    11 months ago

    Haven't got a clue about Texas, but it my country conversion therapy is illegal for anyone under 18. It's child abuse.

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    11 months ago

    The sad thing is that some people actually think this way so I don't know if you are a troll or not.

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    The boy clearly has parents who have no idea.

    First: Homosexuality has been identified in mankind for as long back through human history as we can see. Clearly 5,000 years ago they did not have gay Disney characters and neither were their pride prades.

    Homosexuality is also found in many other animals and insects. I dont think they are being influenced by the propaganda.

    Second. Many young people become sexually active at age 12. They know what turns them on. While maybe you at 12 still though the stork tale was were children came from, the reality is the rest of the kids knew better. Myself for example can recall at age 8 having a crush on other boys in my class.

    Religious you say. My dictionary says that is a hypocritical way of thinking.

    You are basing your faith on a single book that has childish tales like Adam & Steve or Noah and his boat. Get serious, how could 2 humans be the parents of all of us humans and how could anyone not just fit all those animals in a boat, but how could he feed and water them?? Anyone with minimum intelligence can see its rubbish.

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    Troll harder

    Troll smarter

    Take pride in your work

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