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Which type of pets can be independent from the owner for a few days that is NOT a cat or dog?

I want to get a easy to care for pet to have as a social companion, as I'm agoraphobic and don't socialize much with people, but I'll live between two houses eventually so it can't be an animal who need to company 24/7. Sure, there are cages and such but mu family home has several cats so I want to avoid bringing them with me every time.

I'm not a dog person so I know I can clear out dogs (and spiders which Ive a fear for).


To clarify. I live with government benefits due to medical reasons (anxiety and have a diagnose), but I'm way pass adult age and must eventually move out from my house (parents don't live forever...) but I can't do that straight away (tried for like 5 years without success) and has do it gradually, so I allowed to live at my family house a few days/week if I move out, but without pet companion, my social stress levels are rather high so my lifestyle probably never become completely "settled".

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  • Raven
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    Rats! Get two baby hand tamed rats, female is my preferrence. Rats are super smart and make great buddies. The more you handle them the more tame they are. It's important to take them out and handle them very often from a very young age so they get used to it and used to you. They will tame right down. I've had many pet rats. They are awesome pets. I think you should get 2 since you're saying they will be left alone for a few days at a time. A single rat would be lonely if you had just one. Two would be perfect!

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      Rats should absolutely NOT be left for several days alone. Mammals need to be checked in on daily.

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  • 7 months ago

    i was goat ,that is when i was with my crew this only independent who don,t come join.

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  • 9 months ago

    A pet spider is a best bet, one of the least maintenance of animals.

    Keeping those cute jumping spiders has cured more spider fear than doctors.

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  • Jack H
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    9 months ago

    Freshwater tropical fish, the rift valley cichlids are pretty bullet proof, but, get a book about fishkeeping and talk to an aquarist before buying...

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Quite honestly I think that while your life is a bit 'unsettled' (ie moving between two houses) unless you have a pet who can be moved easily (lives in a purpose built cage) you'd do better to wait until you have perhaps, a more settled lifestyle. Having a pet is a huge commitment, regardless of what it is.

    • patty
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      yes I agree. pets need someone around

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