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Who is common ancestor of 7th Earl of Grantham (Robert Crawley) & his 3rd cousin once-removed Matthew Crawley (who also was his son-in-law)?

On Downton Abbey, Robert (the 7th Earl of Grantham) and Matthew are 3rd cousins once-removed. Who would their common Crawley ancestor? Incidentally, Matthew and his wife Mary (Robert’s daughter) would be 4th cousins.

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    Assuming the title passed always from father to son (i.e. no siblings), then it would have been the 3rd Earl. If siblings inherited then it would have been the 2nd Earl or 1st Earl.

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    Writer/Creator Julian Fellowes never gave this information about the fictional Crawley family. All that is known is that the entailed title passes down the paternal line, as titles then usually did, and for the most part, still do.

    This question deals with Entertainment and Television, fiction, not real-life history. Perhaps if you posted the question in Entertainment and Television, you'd get more answers.

    None of the books I have on Downtown Abbey lists ancestry.

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    All fictional so who cares anyway? they don't excist!

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    Screenwriter Julian Fellowes used the title, Earl of Grantham although as a new fictional creation in the Peerage of Great Britain for one of the main characters, Robert Crawley, in his 2010 ITV1 period drama Downton Abbey.

    Baron Grantham, created in the Peerage of Great Britain in 1761, merged with the title Earl de Grey from 1833 and extinct in 1923.

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