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i’m 14 and i weigh 225 pounds and i’m 5’8. i need to lose weight fast. i want to get down to at least 160. i’m tired of being overweight.?

what do i do? i ride horses and i’m gonna work out but how should i drop the pounds?

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  • 2 months ago

    Diet and exercise. If that doesn't work you can talk to your doctor

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    Some find chubby girls attractive.

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      Run Forest Run and it may be too early to do crunches with a small wheel apparatus that you do on the floor, but gradually you'll get there A change in diet may also help

  • 2 months ago

    Don't eat any sugar limit the amount of bread, potatoes and cheese you eat. Never eat corn or corn based products including sodas and chips (sounds strange but this is very important and effective, a "secret" of weight loss). Run a 2 miles about three times a week, but don't be afraid to get off to a slow start with running. The hard part is sticking with it since it will take time to to get to your 160 goal.

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  • zipper
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    2 months ago

    Walking, eat a bit less, and only eat good foods no cakes or cookies or McDolands. Good luck but do not take it off to fast, that will make you sick. and is as dangerous as being over weight is. I will pray for your success! Good Luck you will need it!

  • 2 months ago

    Drink 2 litres of water everyday.

    Consume 1600 calories a day - 1600 is 160 (your goal weight in pounds) times by 10.

    Eat veggies and fruit everyday.

    Some healthy breakfast ideas:

    1. Pour yoghurt into a bowl and sprinkle it with blueberries.

    2. Chop up a banana into slices, pour them into a bowl, sprinkle with blueberries and yoghurt.

    3. Pancakes - Mix chopped banana, a cup of porridge oats and two cracked eggs into a blender; blend until it's smooth batter; pour into a heat saucepan; wait until its solid on one side then flip; after making a few pancakes, put them onto a plate and sprinkle with blueberries and fruit syrup.

    Exercise for 20 minutes a day, at least 4-5 days a week. Try Pilates, dance-aerobics, exercises you can do in the privacy of your home. You can purchase an exercise DVD/ Blu-ray or find a video on Youtube for free. Step ups is good for cardio.

    Some coffee is OK to drink, especially black coffee - it contains antitoxins - good for the body system and the brain.

    Try doing 20-30 pushups along with the exercises.

    Cheat days are fine. Just keep an eye on your calorie intake.

  • 2 months ago

    Eat on a small plate and cut your eating way down. Drink water before meals because it fills you up. If you are not hungry - don't eat. There is nothing wrong with fasting for a few days, but drink plenty of water while fasting. Eat good vegetables, broccoli, zuchinni squash, cauliflower, mustard greens, kale. Eat a boiled egg with toast for breakfast. Half a sandwich for lunch no chips and drink water. Small portions on a small plate for dinner. Fruit for snacks - apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi, - Cantelope and watermelon are good also. My policy is if you are hungry eat a little more - if you are not hungry don't eat or eat less. Don't use artificial sweeteners in anything. Nothing artificial is good for you - absolutely nothing. If you must have a candy ever so often eat a peppermint or even a butterscotch because they last longer while melting in your mouth. You can do it. At 14 you should lose 20 lbs or more the first month.

  • 2 months ago

    Start eating healthy and walk a lot. Go to the YMCA where you can work out and take classes like Zumba, Cardio Dance, Yoga, swimming and other classes. You will be with people who are trying to keep themselves healthy too and you may make a few friends along the way. If only acquaintances you will be motivated with others that you have something in common with.

  • 2 months ago

    you have to commit to yourself to follow through on a healthier life style*....EAT healthier...cut out junk foods n pops...and eat more balanced food groups....protien,/fruit/veggies*...u can have a small slice of pie perhaps but just don't eat half a pie in one sitting* So ur not depriving yourself of treats while eating healthier...just don't over eat on crappy foods* ............... balance out what ur portions are and stick to it...stick to a workout program that suits U right now....whether it's walking around the block OR riding a bike..going swimming...dancing in ur basement...just keep moving n increase ur movements to bring ur heart rate up, then slow it down a bit...and drink plenty of water*......u'll start to lose weight and feel better when trying ur clothes on...they'll start to become too big on you*.............YOU CAN DO THIS...but it will take WORK on your part to keep moving*!'ll take alot of DETERMINATION & WILL POWER...but YOU CAN N WILL lose weight n feel healthier in do so*..........DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.............. Gluck* :) U CAN DO THIS!!! YOU CAN N WILL !!! DO THIS¬ :)

  • Eva
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    2 months ago

    Losing weight fast doesn't work over the long term. Cut out junk foods and soda. Add more vegetables to your diet. Your plate should be 1/4 protein (meat), 1/2 vegetables, and 1/4 carbs. Eliminate anything fried, and most white foods (bread, rice, pasta).

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