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I got a check from an old employer?

So I had applied to this fast food place about a year ago, I paid for my uniform and attended orientation. I had been told that I was going to be informed about when I was going to start as soon as I finished some online assessments. Long story short, they ordered the wrong uniform size and I didnt get my uniform and I wasnt contacted until a month later about when I was going to start, I ended up not showing up. Fast forward to this year I recently got 2 checks from them and the US Labor and Wage department, and i'm not sure what's going on? Why would they give me these checks ? I dont think they ower me any wages of some sort because I never actually worked there, can someone help?

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    If you paid for a uniform you didn't receive, you are most likely entitled to a refund of what you paid.

    You should have been paid for your time for orientation. The 'online assessments' could be a gray area. Depending on details we don't know, they may or may not legally be 'on the clock' time.

    It can't hurt to contact both the company and the Department of labor to request clarification of the reason(s) for the checks.

    Note: The US Department of Labor has a Wage and Hour division, but there is NO SUCH THING as the US Labor and Wage department.

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      I wanted to contacted them but received the mail when I got back home late at night so there couldn’t be a way of contacting them at such time.

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    You were supposed to be paid for the time you spent in those "assessments".

    Someone else filed a complaint, the US Department of Labor investigated, and the company had to pay everyone who got screwed in that situation.



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      Im asking a question you dipshit, get a life idiot

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    It might have been a refund of what you paid for the uniform.

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    Someone reported them to the local Wage-Hour Division and they had to pay for the orientation, and not just the person suing, probably everyone that was in orientation for the last 3 years.

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