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How would you burn down a house successfully and preferably make it look like an accident?

I'm writing a play with dramatic story lines and the characters don't like their neighbors and they have to share a driveway with these neighbors they don't like so they want them gone. Not dead gone but just do not want to live next door to them. So I'm asking this question so it can sound realistic and not far-fetched when I present the script to my theater group (i don't want them to laugh at me if it sounds stupid). I will also add the character doesn't want to kill their neighbors just burn down their house. Please be as detailed as possible. thanks.


I will give some detail to the story. Lisa & Jay live in a block of flats with their autistic daughter. They liked where they live & were happy until the problem neighbors moved in.The neighbors right next door are really noisy. Every time the neighbors play a loud bass stereo or stand outside shouting/talking or rev their car this really stresses out their autistic daughter and makes her condition worse. Her father and mother hatch a plan to burn down the neighbor's house to get some peace.

Update 2:

I will also add, this is not about insurance fraud as the characters in the story do not own the house where they live, they are renting so no point burning their own house down.

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    I would go into the house when they are not home and find a way to create an electrical short that would cause a fire that would seem like it had started due to a faulty wiring issue.

    Since this is not something I am familiar with, I can't go into detail on what it would take to create a successful short that would look accidental.

    Coffee pots or electric dryers are common causes of electrical fire issues in homes if that gives you a starting point to research how electrical fires might occur.

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