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Do you think she still wants him?

My little sis is trying to go back to her ex boyfriend who cheated on her. He’s got kids with other females. He doesn’t respect women at all, he disrespected my sister last night but she still try’s texting him and he disrespects her.

She’s only 19

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    If she's trying to get back with him it's a sign that yes, she does want to get back with him. Foolish of her since he has a lot of history of loving and leaving women and he's treating her with the same distain he showed the others.....but she's 19 and he's probably her first love so she'll grovel and end up feeling very foolish when he dumps her again. She actually knows all this and I'm sure you and others have told her too - so shut up now and just be supportive. She's going to need a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on when he breaks her heart again and if she feels you are totally anti-him (which you are) she won't want to talk to you or give you the opportunity of saying 'I told you so.' Just make sure that she uses contraception so she's not left pregnant with yet more of his offspring when he leaves her or she grows up and dumps him herself. She doesn't need another mouth to feed from a feckless creep like him does she. Be big supportive sister.

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    Yeah because she wants that "nice" side of him when he was doing everything it took to get her, when he was putting in effort and acting like he cared, that's what she's wanting back. She probably thinks that she can get him to go back to acting that way but she's young and she's clearly been fooled into thinking that he's really a nice guy when in reality it was just an act to get her. It's really common especially in these days because no one is patient anymore people are rude, they're not understanding, and they want instant gratification. Just be blunt with her and tell her that if she doesn't value herself no one else will either because we teach people how to treat us don't let anyone run over you however that doesn't apply to this guy because he's an asshole he would probably be rude no matter what. She needs to give up on him because he's not a good guy and that's what she needs is a man not a little boy who plays games.

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