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Will CR3 Raw files from the EOS R open in LR6?

I am looking to upgrade my camera soon and read some information about this. I have the physical version of LR6 right before they stopped selling it on the shelf. Was curious if that program will be able to deal with the EOS R Raw files. Really don't want to convert into DNG or fall victim to Adobe's subscription theft program.

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  • 5 months ago

    No. Your version of LR was produced before the EOS R was introduced, and unlike in the past, you cannot simply update the RAW converter in the older version of LR.

    Frankly, I MUCH prefer Capture One to any other RAW conversion software. It's not free either, but at least you just pay for it once and can get upgrades as needed or desired for relatively low cost.

    This planned obsolescence is my biggest gripe with digital. More times than not, when you upgrade any part of the system, then other parts of the chain have to be replaced also, and usually at a price. Computer operating system, software, camera... change any one and the others may no longer work for you.

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  • 5 months ago

    Then don't use Adobe but one of the other RAW developers instead - Canon's camera tool, digikam, darktable, rawtherapee all exist and are free to use.

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