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What do you think about Rhyno, RVD and Tommy Dreamer returning to TNA?

So...explain how current IMPACT is different from how TNA always was again. Not like the current IMPACT champion is a walking roid rage botchfest that makes Scott Steiner look decent.

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    I think it's silly rhyno would retire from wwe to focus on politics only to show up in the. Why quit a promotion that's paying more than where before to go to TNA? LOL.

    RVD ****** up by doing weed when it was illegal back in the days. Now he has no other choice than TNA to get his weed money. Should have waited until it became legal.

    Tommy.... you do you.

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  • 5 months ago

    Beyond a joke old has beens , I like all of them but it's time they retired .

    Ecw has been milked dry and then some.

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  • Impact Wrestling does a lot of shows with other Professional Wrestling Promotions these days, so it is not surprising. I've seen a number of Impact Wrestling Stars at House of Hardcore Shows. Tommy Dreamer owns and runs House of Hardcore. the fact that you can work for Impact Wrestling and not be tied to doing 4 or 5 Shows a week, 52 weeks a Year is something that Rhyno, Van Dam and Dreamer can appreciate considering that they've all been wrestling 3 Decades.

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  • Candle
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    Outside of booking being a bit more solid, it really hasn't. I can't fathom how a company can change hands on three separate occasions and still be ran the exact same way internally. Talents like Scarlett Bordeaux and Killer Kross are having the same monetary problems that past Impact superstars had with Bordeaux being forced to hold down a second job and live with her parents, and Kross fighting to get out of his contract because it's not lucrative for him. I have no problem with Cage as champion, but I do doubt they're testing his piss. The man's professed to steroid use before, and his body doesn't show any signs of him stopping. My guess is Dreamer and the rest of the ECW talents coming back has a lot to do with Impact's relationship with House of Hardcore, which was a relic as soon as it started. Tommy hasn't had a good match in at least 11 years, the last I heard Rob Van Dam's going blind, and Rhyno is the only one that I've seen can still go, but none of them are draws at this point in their careers.

    I'm still holding fast to the fact that someone within Impact made a Faustian bargain to keep the doors open despite the fact that, again, the company has switched owners three times (4 if you count that one time the Carters screwed over Billy Corgan).

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