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Dua to help my sick grandmother?

Hello beautiful people, My grandma is very very ill. She’s has this disease she recently got this year and has been battling since then. I really hate seeing her like this. I do not know what I’ll do if i ever loose her. Pls make dua for her and pls help me with a dua that could help her inshallah. Thank you all jazakala gher

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    Recite the Fatiha for her 11x or 21x, however many times you want and then make Dua to Allah, ask Allah sincerely and with hope for your grandmother's well-being. Inshaallah, Allah will bestow good health upon your grandmother and you will get the benefits of the Fatiha & the rewards of Fatiha.

    When you choose to do that, choose a certain hour that is best for you every single day and certain exact amount to recite the Fatiha. I think its best you do after sunset, after you pray Maghrib hour.

    When you're about to begin, be sure to do ablution {wudu} again first even though you have ablution water on you.

    Choose a quiet a place to be and be sure to bring a bowl full of clean water. When you are reciting the Fatiha for your grandmother and you finish the first time, be sure to blow it over the water afterwards and continue doing so each time you recite the Fatiha whether 10x or more.

    Make sure you recite it over the water after each recitation. After you finish reciting the amount of Fatiha, you should recite Salawaat and any Salawaat is fine to do, 10x, 30x, or more and be sure to recite it over the water afterwards as well.

    Then make Dua to Allah and ask Allah sincerely what you want with hope in Allah and trust in Allah.

    Call upon Allah, invoke Allah with His Most Beautiful Names, Asma Al-Husna. Say, Ya Rahman, Ya Malik, Ya Nafi, and so on and sincerely asking Allah.

    Eventually, be sure that your grandmother drinks the water and she can use it during her bath or showering times. It will benefit her and help her heal her body as well. You can add more clean water to the water you prepared and recited over the Holy Words of Allah if you want to keep it for while.

    Please see rest of my answer in the comments.

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    May Allah cure your Grand mother with the best of HIS curing, Insha Allah.

    Please see this it would help you.

    Duas for Ailments

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    St. Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. She is the patron saint of grandmothers. It is good to recite a rosary in her honor. She can help one's sick grandmother!

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    9 months ago

    maybe its better she dies. you dont know. mofo

    you are SO SELFISH, cause its all about you isnt it!!

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