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How does American High School?

1 compulsory subjects and subjects chosen by the student

2 how many years does it last

3 what happens if you fail at the end of the year and how you can fail

4 how to perform absences

5 only written tests or even oral questions?

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    therefore, first of all there are only 4 years of high school: freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. the students, to take the graduation in their senior year, I have to start collecting credits from their freshman year. unlike the Italian school, in America the students can choose the courses to follow, giving priority to the compulsory subjects to take the graduation and subsequently to the subjects which, instead, simply give credits. moreover, if a course "fails", it does not repeat itself a year, but the following year it passes to the higher grade, taking two levels of the same class (the one that failed and what should actually be followed) so not you stay behind. for example if a freshman is "rejected" in American literature 1, the following year (sophomore year) he must follow American literature 1 and 2 and pass them both for full credit. there is no quarter, but the semester. in one year there are 6 semesters. the rating scale is in letters (A, B, C, D, F and E for excellence) and is based on percentages. in the middle of the year, at the end of the third semester there are the "mid term exam" or exams on the whole program done up to that point. at the end of the year instead there are the "final", which instead are based on the whole program of the year. exams are mandatory for students who have an average lower than C, for students who have an average of B with one day of absence and for students who have an average of A but with more than 3 days of absence. in essence: keep your average high, you are not absent and you are exempt from exams. . classroom tasks can be cross-test, essays or practical demonstrations, at the teacher's discretion or depending on the subject. the courses that are offered at school are many and include very different areas, ranging from classical subjects such as mathematics, social studies, sciences, literature, history, physical education, languages, civics, economics, art, to courses, say, unusual, such as speech, theater, cooking, cheerleading, web design, creative writing. each school has its own football team and cheerleader team, and many other sporting activities are also offered, such as basketball, baseball, sofball and dance team. moreover there are the various clubs to which one can register (Spanish club, art and design club, etc.). each teacher has his class and the students move to reach the course.

    this in general ... speaking a little in the specifics of my school ... the hours are 90 minutes, I start at 7.15 and finish at 2.15 pm, including lunch. I always bring lunch from home, but the cafeteria offers a good variety of foods. the school library is quite large and there is the possibility of using the internet. every day, from 7.15 am to 7.30 am, they broadcast the school newsletter. we also have a football field, a baseball field and a soccer field. I have to use the uniform, but not all American schools claim it, it depends on the politics of the county. as in the films during the year are the school dances, such as homecoming (at the beginning of the year), sadie's hoaks (in January ... it is customary for girls to invite boys) and, in May, the dance most important: the promo. you cannot lose more than 30 days per school year, but if you miss a week of school you have 2 bring a ticket from a doctor or a ticket from a parent.

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    40+ my high schooling years are fuzzy, but I do know you need to be specific to the precise area as to local requirements.

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