Is loam soil the same as aquatic soil? Need help for dwarf umbrella tree care.?

Someone moved out and left a bunch of plants, one of them being a dwarf umbrella tree. I m trying to learn how to care for it, the first thing I did was repot it since half the plants (mostly succulents) were in the wrong type of soil and doing horribly. I read it needed a Sandy loam soil, so I did the best I could by mixing sand from the yard, black gold soil, and lava rock. The leaves are turning yellow so back to the internet I went to do more research. From what I ve gathered loam actually has clay in it. I have some left over aquatic soil I bought for my lotus. Will this work better for the umbrella plant or should I just mix more regular soil into my existing mix? I think I added a bit too much sand as it isn t holding moisture for very long, drains right through more like a cactus or succulent mix.

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