I wanna buy the Sennheiser HD600 but I also am gonna need a source which is more worth it Schiit modi and Magni or Schiit Jouhethium?

I would think that the Schiit Jouethium would be for higher end headphones Ad2000x, HD700, W5000 etc

Also I would get the Jouethium with the Balanced DAC Module

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  • 8 months ago

    I'd say all the items you mention are over-priced idiot bait for wannabe audiophiles with more money than technical knowledge or experience.

    The headphones, as well as being a silly price, are open back - with outside noise coming in, all the low level detail that you are supposedly paying for is masked and lost anyway.

    The DACs have meaninglessly stupid power output specifications; a fraction of that power is enough blow your eardrums and likely give you brain damage.

    [I can't help thinking that any company that brands their products "Schiit" is just taking the mickey out of anyone daft enough to buy them...]

    If you want some really superb headphones and an excellent audio interface to drive them, get Sony MDR-7506 headphones and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface.

    That's a pair of genuinely professional grade studio headphones and a multi-function recording interface capable of modes up to 24 bit @ 192 KHz that happens to have a headphone monitoring output "DAC" with as good or better quality than a lot of so-called audiophile gear costing many times more: 0.002% THD + noise.

    Plus you can connect it to multiple other types of audio gear.

    Note that a normal person cannot actually detect audio distortion much below 0.1%, the limit for something to be called HiFi.

    By the time you get to 0.01% no one in the world can, no matter what they may claim.

    Variations at the 0.00x level are therefore irrelevant - but that $140 or so Focusrite unit is still on a par with the $500 piece of schiit.

    I mainly use a Presonus Studio 192, but I have a Focusrite 2i2 I picked up secondhand as a portable unit.

    Having just tried that with the Sony headphones, I can't stand the volume more than mid point - and I like loud music! They work well together and there is enough volume to make your ears bleed if you wish, even though the Focusrite specs do not claim stupid power output levels.

    Links to the items; you can get them cheaper, these are just convenient for info:






    [40 years of professional electronics design and audio experience - and I detest places that have appeared over the last few years, selling stupidly overpriced stuff to try to rip people of with meaningless or fake claims].

    Photo of the combination I've just been testing linked below.

    (Yahoo drastically reduces the quality of pictures embedded directly in posts on here, so I put it on flickr).

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  • 9 months ago

    Why buy so many?

    One item that generally satisfies you will be worth buying.

    Two, three, or more that don't Fully satisfy you will be nothing but frustrating.

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