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Why do some people have good lives and others don’t?

If you look at the world objectively you will see that there are some people who have a lot of good things in their life and others who barely have anything.

Is it all just a game of luck or are there genetic reasons that some people have better lives than others?

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    And if you look at the world objectively, you will also find people who get from essentially nothing to billionaires and billionaires who end up as nothing. It's not what you have, it's what you do with it.

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    some people have haters who purposely old them back and roadblock them

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    It’s all about luck

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    Good and bad are human concepts based on survival. Since we all die, survival is an empty value, a temporary deception that is used by Maya, the principle of ignorance, to created illusory egos or selves in order to evolve consciousness. Since God's is undefinable, except to say that it's a void, then His consciousness and unconsciousness create the basis of illusion, but isn't illusion, since His consciousness is only conscious of the void and not of creation, which is what unconsciousness creates.

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    In the West, Japan, Taiwan, and other civilized economies, if one graduates high school, selects a vocation one likes btw, refrains from abusing self and substances, honors at least the offices of one's parents and relatives, remains honest, not law-breaking, and learns to love wisely and well, one is ~ guaranteed a comfortable life, which other billions would love to learn to earn. Saving for retirement completes the human cycle of comfortable or "good" life. For love of God, inquire within, find Godly guidance.

    Some rules of the game are given in Sir John Hawkins' "101 Things All Young Adults Should Know," Shaunti Feldhanh's "For Couples Only," Omraam Aivanhov's "Youth: Creators of the Future," and Mark Prophet's "Understanding Yourself."

    Such factors as are able to be effected by oneself are listed above; if there's war, or mass control by out-of-control "governments," those are tragedies.

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    Good for you for observing and asking! A million different ways to be successful but the role of luck is vastly overrated. I would say consistency and focus are keys to success and developing those traits can give you success in many areas of life.

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    cause some people got luckier than others

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