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what should i look for in a new martial arts school./gym/dojo when i move locations?

and should i look for a gym. or a dojo if i want self defence? i also plan to trian for the rest of my life. is it possible to train untill you physically cant anymore in a self defence focued martial art?i want something simulaor to what i currently train in, mixed. (but i dont want karate or tykwondo techniques) i want to learn throws,graplling, and strikes without taking two seperate classes.is this posisble? if so, will i be learning just basics of each of those elements of fighting? or more then just basics? also,what style of jiujitsu should i take to learn something well rounded and not flashy or fancy?

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    5 months ago
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    Depends on what is around you. Look and set a distance or time you are willing to travel.

    There are martial arts (traditional) that teach exactly what you are looking for. Hapkido, Japanese JuJitsu, Kuk Sool, many Chinese martial arts teach strikes, grappling, ground etc.. And maybe even cheaper and more effective than MMA. Since most martial arts do revolve around defense and self preservation over sport.

    Now if you want sport and compete than by all means go MMA.

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  • Alvin
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    4 months ago

    Something not flashy or fancy... Krav Maga is one. Wing Chun... I'd say stay away from (and this is coming from me - a Wing Chun practitioner, because it's very difficult to find a good teacher... too many of them are riding off the popularity of Bruce Lee and the Ip Man movies).

    The #1 thing you should look for in ANY martial arts school... are the students and their skills/performance.

    How good they are is an indicator of how good the teacher is, regardless of what style you learn.

    HOWEVER, be aware that techniques can look good. The question is how does it handle with a non-cooperating partner. Remember that Aikido can look really good within the school. It's not very effective in a street fight early on and requires the mindset of making it work on the streets to be a viable self-defense style.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    if you learn martial arts in an mma gym you wont be as good at any specific style as people who focus on one. one reason for this is there just isnt enough time. another more important reason is that each class will have less skilled people to practice against. if you go to a boxing gym for example your going to be able spar against better boxers then in an mma gym. but the upside to mma is that its simply more effective then only using one martial art. another thing to consider is that most mma champions arent jacks of all trades, they have some area where they dominate the other fighters. for example khabib is really good at grappling, he didnt get that good by starting with mma. he changed to mma later.

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