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How many more global warming degrees Celsius, will it take to melt all the Ice by 2030?

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    Several degrees, when its been this warm in the past there was no ice its just going to take a few hundred years for it to do so at this rate so for it all to melt so quickly it would need a lot of energy, which could probably be achieved with a massive methane burp as warming from that is instant

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      Not really sure of the logic of pretending to be Dana1981, if it’s to make deniers look like petty idiots, then congrats, you suckseeded.

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  • 9 months ago

    By all ice I assume you mean Arctic sea ice in Summer as that’s the only rough prediction i’m aware of in relation to ice melt that would happen that soon

    The data shows it has been steadily declining, at these rates ~2035 for Summer loss, looks to be on the cards.

    Other ice, like glacial ice would take several thousand years to melt completely. But even a part melt is a major problem for global coastlines and cities. A total melt of the Antarctic would raise sea level ~65m, but if just 10% melts, that’s still a rise of 6.5m, that could happen in just a couple of hundred years, cities like London and Miami would be lost, Holland and Bangladesh serverly affected.

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