Info about this fender guitar?

My mother used to work for this lady that passed away and the woman’s daughter wanted my mom to keep some of her things. Well my mom brought home this guitar and was curious about it? I looked up the name of the guitar but couldn’t find the same color as this one. Can anyone tell me any background information on this guitar. It says fender Frankenstein (?) on the top it won’t let me upload another picture

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  • 8 months ago

    As "Tony" says, it's a Fender Jazzmaster.

    The colour looks to be "Tobacco burst" - eg. something like this:

    Tobacco burst has the same light centre and dark edges as "Sunburst" but fading to dark brown edges rather than red.

    Your does not have the tremolo tail as is common on those, it's more like this one:

    You really need to get it checked out to see how old it is; if you want to look yourself, take the strings off and unscrew the neck - the date of manufacture should be either written or stamped on the base of the neck:

    The value could be quite low, or possibly very high if its an old and rare version; the pickups and scratchplate can easily be restored to original if needed, they are not all that expensive.

    The original body and neck are the parts that really set the price.

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  • Tony
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    8 months ago

    It looks like a fender Jazzmaster (at least most of it is) Whoever called it a Frankenstein was just using that term to indicate that parts had been swapped out. The Neck pickup is missing and so is the switch that changes pickups (because there's only one pickup) The pick guard looks aftermarket and the bridge pickup has most likely been changed out.

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