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What will wrestlers have to do to get a believable finish if moves like the tombstone, death valley driver, etc become regular moves?

"Nature of the business" When is enough, enough though. The DDT is one thing and even that is treated as a big move, now you watch ROH and see someone hit the death valley driver on the apron before rolling the opponent into the ring just to hit eight more moves like it didn't matter. It took SIX F-5 for Lesnar to pin Roman Reigns for Christ sake. It's fckin stupid.

"Well, The Rockers where hitting super kicks as a regular move bro" In a time period in which nobody used the super kick as a finisher and wrestlers never used the move period. Not to mention majority of fans wouldn't be able to name a solitary tag-team match The Rockers competed in.


I saw someone tombstone piledriver their opponent on a barbwire board in CZW and it was treated like a basic spot...

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