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How to not worry about things happening in your life and worrying that bad things will occur how to not worry?

Idk why but I think and worry about life and that bad stuff will happen and I tell myself that it won’t but I still have those thoughts so how can I get rid of it?

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  • 9 months ago

    While it's true that bad things can happen, a lot of good things can happen too. Sometimes bad things are random, but sometimes they are a result of poor choices. Cause and effect. So of course we want to choose to take good care of our health, our relationships, our jobs and homes. And the best choice I have made is to know our Creator, and what He plans to do in the future to give us the kind of life He originally purposed in the Garden of Eden. We won't have to fear anything ever again. (Isaiah 65:21-25, Psalm 72:16). For more information see

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