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What's the highest age you can achieve in your country and still be considered a minor?

I'm not talking your country's age of majority, I'm talking the age just before. I'm in the U.K., and over here, 17's the last age at which, you're legally considered a minor.


The age of majority here in the U.K.'s 18.

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    So far as I can see there is no legal definition of the term "minor" in the UK. People between 16 and 18 have a strange legal status where there can do some adult things such as get married. The law in the United States that allows you to do everything else at 18 but not drink alcohol until you are 21 is a bizarre piece of legistlation.

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  • 5 months ago

    20 in the United States. At least when it comes to drinking alcohol. All the signs in bars say no minors allowed, and by minors, they mean people not drinking age, which is 21.

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