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Is this weird!?

This guy knows I ended my relationship with my abusive ex and has been giving me advice on what to do like to live with a roommate or get my own place etc and now he's wanting to give me his number if I want advice cause it's easier to talk outside of work he says. I've always found this dude cute and like talking to him. But I found out he has a gf and he was all telling me she don't care etc but I told him no cause it sounds like drama and he said no etc etc but I still didn't get his number. What is he up to ? And was I smart not getting it?

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    he has an ulterior motive of wanting to boink you

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  • 4 months ago

    What's weird is you asking US to explain this guy's behavior to you when you know him and we don't. It's also weird that you're asking anonymously. It all seems to add up to the fact that you're trolling. If I'm wrong however, and you're not a troll, feel free to explain that weirdness.

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