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is Trump like Reagan?

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  • 11 months ago
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    Not really. Ronald Reagan was a much more polished politician by the time he entered the White House. I think President Trump has been more effective though with far less cooperation from the opposition or even his own party.

  • Das
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    11 months ago

    No. Reagan was more of a war hawk.

  • 11 months ago

    well, the sense they both should have been impeached........

    Reagan for Iran-Contra........

    and Trump, for gross violations of the Emoluments clause, and the Nepotism laws.

    Maybe one day, Congress will pull their heads out of their rears and actually do their jobs.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Yeah but he's uglier

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  • abcdef
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    11 months ago

    When will Americans realize that the vast majority of the citizens of the western world - America's former and present allies- disrespect and hate Trump. He has damaged America's image abroad by currying favour with tyrants and dictators and picking meaningless fights with the leaders of our countries. Instead of making America great again, he has lost the respect of the world and America has become the laughing stock for most of us.

  • Clive
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    11 months ago

    What does this have to do with elections?

  • Satan
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    11 months ago

    No. Reagan is dead.

  • A.J.
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    11 months ago

    Every human being has commonality and differences to every other human being.

    Trump and Reagan as both White non-Hispanic old men Republican conservatives. Both have handlers, people to keep control in the background when the President's brain is not at 100%.


    Reagan saw the importance of immigrants and Trump uses them as a tool of anger.

    Reagan mostly told the truth, and when he lied, usually it was to inspire people to work together.

    Ronald Reagan, as President, had a positive job approval over most of his presidecy and averaged almost 53% Approval.

    Trump is NOT approved

    Trump mostly tells logical fallacies and uses it to divide the country in as many ways possible and keep a tight hold of his core supporters.

    Reagan was shot. Trump hasn't been shot, yet.

    I think Trump is not like Reagan. There are too many important differences.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Reagan at least tried to unite the whole country. Trump thrives on dividing us every chance he gets.

  • 11 months ago

    No. People like Reagan. Reagan won 49 states.

    Reagan is a much better actor than trump.

    Reagan served 8 years.

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