Any Londoners (or other Brits) living in Idaho (especially Pocatello or any other small towns)?

I m an author working on a story which features a British character in the main cast (she s not the protagonist per se but she s very important). I ll spare you any unnecessary details about her, but for the important stuff I ll say this: she s a twenty year old Londoner who unfortunately had to leave her beloved hometown behind at the age of 16 and move to a small town in Idaho, USA due to her father s job. She has her family and a handful of friends, but still feels homesick some times.

So for my question(s) I want to know what were the biggest changes for you to adapt to when you moved to America (specifically Idaho please)? What do you miss the most about "home?" What do you feel is different about the culture and environment of where you lived versus where you are now? And also for anyone answering, please be sure to leave an age or age range of yourself so I can figure that into my comparison with the character s perspective.

Bonus if you happen to be Muslim or of "Asian" backgrounds.

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  • 10 months ago

    There's Elmo with a fake American name Glen Beck?

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  • Andrew
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    Firstly, few Brits from London would refer to London as "their beloved hometown." Most of the people who could afford to leave have already left, and those that remain don't have much love for the place anymore. Secondly, what sort of line of work would one have to be in to be asked to relocate from London to Idaho? Yes, there are some corporations with offices in Idaho that employ foreign workers - companies that manufacture semiconductors and things of that nature, but by and large, there's very little in the way of industry that would attract foreign workers, especially skilled workers. So unless you've already come up with a good reason why a Briton would move his entire family 5,000 miles to go and live and work in Idaho, your story isn't going to come off as being very believable.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    london is idaho's mother country

    you can forget the rest that you mentioned

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