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How can I attract a cancer woman?

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    There is no such ‘thing’ as a cancer woman or any of the astrology labels one may use that dehumanizes and does not honor each person as a unique individual with their own history.

    You would better serve yourself by honoring what is unique about yourself and representing yourself authentically. Why you may ponder? Because if you change who you are just to impress and attract her, you will lose her eventually when your real self emerges and you are not the person she was attracted to in the first place..better to be yourself to eliminate excess drama and this will give you an advantage over jerks, fakes, cons and turkeys.

    Now all of the other answers here are not far from the truth, it applies to somebody but not necessarily a birthday sign, so don’t let astrology dumb you down.

    Let me add that if you are lucky enough to attract ‘Saweetie’, this young lady who I never heard of before now.. is a rarity in Rap. So yes, she is selling a brand because she is smarter than her average audience. She has attended and graduated from one of the top Universities in the Country. Next time do your research..she is making money entertaining, still young, has a High IQ and manipulating your head to buy her music.

    The University Of Southern California is not for dummies. Astrology is .

    Good luck and enjoy your day

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    I’m a cancer woman and I love vulnerability, transparency, goofiness, and deep intimate conversations. I don’t mind clinginess; in fact, despite popular belief, I prefer the man to break the societal rules of “playing it cool.” Play mind games with me, and I’ll pick up on it instantly...I won’t lead on that I’m aware (I might even play along out of politeness if I like you enough), but I’ll quickly/discretely emotionally draw back into my shell for safety. Lying is my biggest turn off. It’s almost an insult to lie to a Cancer, especially when we’re so non-judging/forgiving. If we’re in love, or falling in love, nothing worldly can really change that when our heart and soul is in the lead. The only thing to snap me out of my blind love once I finally decide to open up to you, is a breaking of trust. So just smile, be loyal, open, & considerate, & you’ll win her heart. Oh, & friendship is a’s personally unlikely for me to fall in love with someone I’ve never laughed with.

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    Be their friend.

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    be nice to them maybe cook her favouite food

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    Pay for everything, then treat them like crap a doormat, walk all over them, use them, cheat, they'll stick with you forever. Very desperate clingy women. They're the main girls who need daddy types. Be my daddy and give me money kind of simple women

    They act the same way even if they have money of their own

    UPDATE: See. I didn't even know, but I just got done watching a song called That's my Type by girl rapper Saweetie and she's rapping all in the video about exactly what I said. Turns out no surprise, she's Cancer

    See what she says in it. Told ya

    Her in it w/o lyrics up

  • Snoopy
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    11 months ago

    Not sure I only like cancer because it's my cat's horoscope and I saw the other day Cats have horoscopes too. Also because of my grandfather godfather and two friends, one was my uni tutor and he saved my life. Also my last crush's mother who passed was cancer.

    In general treat people well and expect that back should do the trick.

  • Kathy
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    11 months ago

    The same way you attract any woman of any sign.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    You want to inherit after she dies or what?

  • cuxi
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    11 months ago

    I think she made it pretty clear she was very interested, so minimal effort will need to be applied

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