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What do Germans think of Hitler?

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    What do Germans think of ( opinion ) of Hitler ?

    WHEN is missing from the question

    Do ( verb ) to cause or perform

    used before a verb ... inferring .. Be can might ought except shall will

    DUH in 1933 He Won them over and

    the German population VOTED for him

    also in 1933 99% of the German population

    identified as "CHRISTIANS"

    to have an answer about TODAY some 75 years later

    could be achieved by a POLL or SURVEY

    according to 2019 article

    QUOTE : " as the generation that VOTED for Hitler DIES away , "MOST" Germans today see WWII through the prism of GUILT "

    Here is a CLUE HITLER did not do his deeds ALONE

    the German people were his army

    and those who were silent

    can be viewed by some to be COMPLICIT

    VOLTAIRE said

    Those who can CONVINCE you of Absurdities .

    .. can Convince you to commit ATTROCITIES

    Source(s): 2019
  • John P
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    11 months ago

    "Do" is in the present tense, so you are presumably asking about present German attitudes to Hitler. They are almost all negative, apart from a loony fringe of neo-Nazis.

    Did you actually mean to ask: "What did Germans think of Hitler in the 1930s?" (or whatever date).

  • 11 months ago

    He was not a good lader. In world war ll. He didn't know how to treat people right.

  • Nāga
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    11 months ago

    My grandmother, who was born in Austria and is still with us at 94 years old, remembers when Austria was annexed by Germany by Hitler in WW2. She says she supported him at the time, certainly my great-grandparents did, but when Hitler was defeated and his crimes came to light her support for him evaporated.

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  • Fred
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    11 months ago

    These days most Germans see Hitler as evil and realise how their parents and Grandparents were so desperate from poverty to follow Hitler who seemed to be the person to make Germany right again. Unfortunately Hitler and the Nazis manipulated themselves into a position of total power where it became dangerous to speak out against them. The Gestapo and the SS were organisations that were cruel and dangerous and many Germans of the time had no choice but to do as they were told as Hitler led Germany into war. It was a time of fear in Germany although a part of the population followed Hitler blindly believing he would deliver them the world and a life of ease and wealth. 70,000 Germans were murdered for speaking out against the Nazis or helping the allies in some way so not all Germans supported the Nazis or Hitler.

    There still are a few people with Nazi beliefs that feel Germans have the right to rid Germany of Jews and others they deem as undesirable and even a few delusional people who believe Germany should arm up and try again to conquer Europe. Overall though most Germans see Hitler and the Nazis for the nasty people they were and are embarrassed that their country was duped into accepting Hitler as its leader and that it followed the Nazis to defeat and humiliation at the cost of so many lives. Most Germans see the Nazis as a shameful part of German history and would prefer the whole think was not discussed and would be forgotten..

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    11 months ago

    Nothing now, he has been dead since 1945, they just want to forget him.

  • 11 months ago

    Nowadays most of them are disgusted and hate him or least see him very critical. There is only a minority, usually called Neonazis, who are in favor of him.

    Source(s): me, a German
  • 11 months ago

    They despise him and are ashamed of him.

  • 11 months ago

    They're not allowed to think anything. After Germany was defeated, the German people went through a "re-education" program by the Allies where they were forced to admit that it was Hitler's fault.

    This wasn't the way the people thought about him before and during the war. He had restored Germany from the economic and social decadence that they had suffered through under the Weimar government for 14 years before Hitler became Chancellor. Hitler gave them dignity and a sense of pride and patriotism.

    After the war, however, just as the Allies did after WW1, they forced Germany to take the blame for everything that happened. Laws have been passed to prohibit supporting anything positive about the era of the Third Reich.

    Most Germans today have been so far removed from what happened to them that the past has little or no influence on them.

  • 11 months ago

    For the most part they don't, and have moved on.  There are perhaps a few supporters left to this day but for the most part Germans don't like that he ever did what he did and tend not to talk about it.  

    It's not like they tried to sweep it under the rug either.  They owned up to it, but essentially it is an embarrassment and they have moved on.  I think Americans talk about Hitler and Nazism MUCH MORE.  And for some weird reason there is a sizable number of Americans who seem to admire the lunatic.

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