What brand is this piano?

I'm trying to figure out the brand of this piano. And what are those round things on the board above the keyboards for?


I know it's a pump organ and not a piano. Just curious on the brand.

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  • 11 months ago
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    I owned one of these, and donated it to the Reed Organ Society of America. This is a pump organ, also called a melodion or harmonium, depending on construction. Mine dated from the 1910-20s or there about. Looks like your Grampa the in the background. This had no resale value, but he would be happy to know that people who lovingly restore them would be glad to have it. Looks like mine - is it a Mason and Hamlin? BTW, I am donating all my late Dad's Naval Air things to the WW2 Museum in Louisiana. I have pics and memories - we want the real things to go somewhere special. Is Gramps a Vet? If you, thank him from me for his service. Last of the Greatest Generation.

  • 11 months ago

    It's not a piano.

    The attached photo is of a reed organ, which looks a lot like your picture. All the junk on the floor in your picture is covering up a pair of pedals used to pump air into the mechanism. The knobs change the quality of the sound produced, rather like a pipe organ.

    Here's another picture of a different organ that shows the pedals:


    Another clue is that the keyboard in you picture seems to be the kind that has 72 keys, although it's hard to get an accurate count from your picture. Pianos have 88 keys.

    As to brand, there's not nearly enough of the instrument visible to say anything about that.

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  • Eva
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    11 months ago

    Should be a label in the back or inside the lid. The knobs change the tone and can sometimes make it sound like another instrument.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    that isn't a piano, its a pump organ

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