How can I contest an overpayment of Social Security Benefits?

This is total bill. They already took $2000 from my wife s tax return last year. I was unemployed. Before all this I was receiving disability for a few year for Psoriasis. Then the determined I was no longer eligible. And saying they overpaid me almost $20000. How amo supposed to know. What step do I need to take to ensure I am not responsible for this and that the Social Security Administration is? Please help! This is very stress!

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  • Judith
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    9 months ago

    You were told what you could do when you received your overpayment letter. You were told that you could file an appeal (SSA-561) within 60 days of the notice if you disagreed with the FACT of the overpayment. You were told you could file a request for a waiver if the overpayment wasn't your fault AND you couldn't afford to repay it. If you did those things and still didn't like the decision you could appeal that too. In other words, you had your chance and if you didn't appeal and follow through then you blew it.

    You were told exactly what it was you could have done. So why didn't you? I suspect you just thought it would go away.

    Since you failed to appeal and the decision remains the same you owe the money. They will continue to get any IRS refunds otherwise due you or your wife until the overpayment is repaid. If you ever become re-entitled to benefits they will then begin withholding for the overpayment until repaid.

    You received money you shouldn't have received. Why shouldn't you pay it back? Especially since it appears you didn't bother to read your notices and you didn't follow through on appeals. You have no one to blame but yourself.

    Source(s): I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.
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